Start each day full of Energy, Motivation and Happiness…

Ginkgo Biloba is an ancestral tree of Japan, Korea and China, known as the “tree of hope”; contains substances beneficial to the body such as flavonoids, terpene lactones (ginkgólides) and phytosterols.

Maca is an ancient root of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes, also known as Ayak Chichira, Andean Ginseng Maino or Lepidium Meyenii; it belongs to the family of cabbages, radish and mustard, rich in minerals (iron, calcium, chromium and zinc) and B-complex vitamins.

Combining Ginkgo Biloba with Maca is the effective formula for boosting your energy daily.

How do they do it?

  • They are adaptogens, that is, they promote mood and physical resistance in stressful situations; also combating fatigue.
  • Both increase the central and peripheral blood circulation, ensuring greater oxygenation of all tissues of the body “A higher oxygenation better functionality”.
  • They are antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals, slowing down premature aging.
  • They are neuroprotective: by increasing blood circulation at the brain level they boost memory and concentration.

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