Sleeping deeply nourishes Life

Sleep disorders are alterations in sleep rhythm and their causes are multifactorial. Insufficient sleep can have important consequences on our personal and work lives.

What happens the next morning after insufficient sleep?

You will show signs of tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, loss of cognitive performance, moodiness and even depression.

The amount of sleep you need to sleep depends on several factors such as age, lifestyle and your health status; that’s why it’s important to get enough sleep each night.

When can you say you have a Healthy Dream?

When you can sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours and have a favorable perception of your personal health: you wake up relaxed and in good spirits to start the day.

How to improve sleep quality ?

  1. Practice relaxation exercises and breathing techniques before bedtime.
  2. Although it sounds obvious, stay awake all day and sleep at night, no matter how tired you are.
  3. Seek to maintain regular sleep times as much as possible.
  4. Perform gentle physical exercise on a regular basis during the day (walking, swimming or cycling).
  5. Avoid heavy or copious dinners.
  6. Avoid stimulant substances (coffee, tea, energy drinks…)
  7. If you are a smoker or smoker, do not do so before bedtime.
  8. Keep a pleasant temperature in the room, reduce noise, keep lighting to a minimum and sleep in a comfortable bed.
  9. Avoid using cell phones, tablets, computers or other mobile devices in bed.

Book the room only for sleep and sex, DO NOT use it as a workspace or as a recreation room.

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